6 Ways Of Increasing Laptop Battery


In a laptop, the battery is one of the most significant hardware components since it is the source of power for your computer. However, a laptop battery lifespan depends on how good you will maintain it. Quality batteries such as the ones from Batterie PC Portable have an average lifespan of approximately two to four year, depending on how well you will retain it. If you want to increase the lifespan of your laptop battery, use the following tips.

1.    Avoid high temperature

To avoid decreasing your laptop battery life, you should use it and store it at room temperature. Also, avoid putting your laptop on the couch, on your legs, or anywhere else where heat cannot give off easily. Besides, always remember to disconnect the power supply immediately after it’s fully charged. Disconnecting it from the power supply reduces the battery temperature.

2.    Avoid high voltage

Ensuring a stable voltage is one way on how to extend laptop battery life. To avoid unstable power supply, don’t use one power outlet with appliances which require a high-power input. Some of such appliances are such as refrigerator and air conditioner.

3.    Charging and discharging

You are supposed to disconnect the power adapter when your laptop is fully charged. Alternatively, you can remove your battery and continue using your computer as it is directly connected to the power source. Such laptop battery charging tips helps in saving your battery. Besides, maintain your laptop at between 40%- 80% charged most of the time.

4.    Use hibernation mode

When your laptop is not in use, consider putting it in hibernation mood instead of letting it sleep. Doing so is one of the efficient ways of laptop battery care. Comparatively, at hibernation mode, it does not consume power at all, while it is at the sleeping mode it consumes less power.

5.    Kill power hungry-hardware

Closing all the power hungry-applications such as Bluetooth when not in use also enhances battery care for laptop. All hardware and Wi-Fi should also be switched off while not in use. Such habit enables your computer from using a lot of power. 

6.    Avoid full discharge

Most laptop batteries lack the finite charge cycle number, which leads to depletion of their efficiency. If you need to avoid such depletion, it is crucial to ensure that your laptop does not discharge completely. Instead, it is advisable you recharge it when the charge bar goes below 20%. This is one of the most efficient ways on how to increase laptop battery capacity.

In conclusion

If well maintained, laptop battery lifespan can be relatively long. However, many people don’t know how to maintain their laptop batteries. Consequently, they end up misusing their, thus reducing the lifespan of their laptop’s battery. However, by following the guidelines given above, your battery can serve you for a relatively longer duration. Consequently, it will help you save your money and avoid inconveniences that may come along with a functional laptop battery.


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