7 inch TFT LCD display specifications


This mid-sized 7-inch LCD display can display different types of intonation which includes data, texts, curves, icons, animations such as pictures or videos. This makes it possible for you to choose low resolutions which are about 800×480 or a high resolution of about 1024×600 with low luminance of about 400 notes and a high luminance version of about 1000 nits, resistive touch, and capacitive touch and non-touch version. This 7-inch LCD display module is one of the most popular products in the markets.

STVIO70WT-03( The industrial type)

The 7-inch TFT display of about 1024×600 Arduino capacitive touch screen

The size 7 inch

The CPU is CorexM4

A resolution of 1024×600(16.9;800×480(16:9)

The interface of RS232/RS485/TTL/USB

Viewing area in mm is 154.1×85.9 3.0


STVA070WT-01 (Advanced type)

It has a high brightness TFT display modules with RS232/RS485/USB interface

Size 7 inch

CPU: CortexM4


Interface: RS232/RS485

Viewing area in mm: 154.1×85.9

Brightness: 400;1000;280


STVI070WT-010(Industrial type)

This is a high quality intelligent 7-inch display LCD module

It is a size 7 inch and its CPU is a CortexM4.

It had a resolution of 800×480(16:9);1024×600(16.9);

It has an interface of RS232/RS485/TTL/USB

Its viewing area in mm is 154.1×85.9

Brightness is 4p0;1000;400;280)

SSTVC070WT-01 (Civil type)

A 7-inch LCD touch screen that is for a dashboard of a car

The size is 7 inches

CPU model is CortexM4

Resolution: 800×480(16:9);1024×600(16:9)

The interface of RS232/RS485/TTL/USB

Viewing area in mm: 154.1×85.9

A brightness of 400;1000;280

STVC070WT-03( Civil type)

A 7-inch TFT LCD display model 7 1024×600 which supports raspberry pi

A size of 7 inches

CPU: CortexM4

Resolution: 1024×600(16:9); 800×480(16:9)

An interface of RS232/RS485/TTL/USB

A viewing area of 154.1×85.9

Brightness: 280;1000;400.


The benefits of the 7-inch LCD display module include:

  • The LCD display is integrated with a 36 pin connector found on the controller board and all connectors are on the same direction
  • The 7-inch display is available in different bit parallel including the 8 and 16-bit interface options.
  • The pin numbers are used as backlight supply
  • The module is built in the backlight driver
  • The LCD module has pr8jevted capacitive touch screen
  • The TFT module supports Chinese characters, brightness adjustment, flash memory, and a touch screen panel.

The 7-inch LCD module is filled with CortexM4, LCD driver, flash memory and an interface of RS232/RS485/TTL. You can use software to create your own interface with any jpeg files and you can download all the interface in display and you can use an MCU with the UART interface to be used to control it by sending commands.

You would receive all kinds of instructions and programs for your customers and help them in development.

Most 7-inch LCD display module comes with various viewing area dimensions, different touch pal options such as projected capacitive touch screen, no touch screen, and capacitive touch screen. Different brightness levels. The control board is optional with different ranges. The TFT series also varies with the wide view and the wide temperature TFT amongst other options. Click here to learn more https://www.stoneitech.com/product/by-size/7-tft-lcd-display.


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