Understanding the different kinds of alcove bathtubs


There are several manners in which you can improve the aesthetic value of your bathroom. Many are times when bathroom vanities and cabinets have taken the central place in bathroom interior design. However, bathtubs are slowly becoming more popular in the current market than ever before. But note, there are different types of tubs, and with that said, different types of tubs can be split into six main categories. These categories of bathtubs include freestanding tubs, hot tubs, drop-in, walk-inn, Japanese style, and alcove bathtubs. These categories feature different types of tubs. In this post, we seek to provide a deeper understanding of the alcove category of bathtubs and the different types of tubs under this category.

What are Alcove bathtubs?

Alcove bathtubs also go by the name three-wall alcove tubs. By definition, alcove tubs are tubs that are installed into a bathroom recess. This type of tub stands out for its practicality and ability to combine functionality and form. Alcove baths feature a price range of between three hundred and fifty thousand dollars up to five thousand dollars. This element makes them some of the cheapest designs of bathtubs in the market. These types of tubs can be decorated in various manners to promote luxurious looks.

Additionally, alcove bathtubs are easy to maintain and clean up. The downside to this type of tubs is that they can only be positioned next to the walls. They also have a generic feel that most people may not find appealing.

Types of Alcove bathtubs

There are two main types of alcove bathtubs.

  • Luxurious alcove bathtubs

Luxury alcove tubs are a type of alcove bathtub that is built more for luxury than functionality. Luxurious alcove tubs are made from luxurious materials and are more costly than their counterparts. These types of tubs can also be custom designed and colored in a variety of colors. Maintaining a luxury alcove bathtub is not an easy task. This fact is especially actual for the colored designs as they are prone to damage and discoloration. Cleaning luxurious alcove tub is also challenging mainly because of its positioning in the bathroom. The most common materials used to make luxury alcove tubs are fiberglass and acrylic.

  • Basic or simple alcove bathtubs

Basic alcove bathtubs are the exact opposite of the luxurious type. This type of alcove tub is designed with functionality in mind more than appearance. This type of bath is mainly made of cost-efficient and straightforward materials. Basic bathtubs cost between three hundred and fifty hundred dollars up to a thousand dollars. This type of tub is also easy to install. However, like its counterparts, this type of bathtub is hard to maintain because of its positioning.

Take Away

Alcove bathtubs are not as versatile in terms of their sizes. The standard size of an alcove bathtub is forty-eight inches (length) by twenty-five inches (width) by sixteen inches (depth). The larger size can extend up to seventy-two inches long and forty-two inches wide. The size cannot go below or over the two sizes mentioned above. This fact is because manufacturers do not offer more options. However, you can always opt for a custom design.


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