Things you should know about Melting Gold


Smelting gold is a process of using high heat, pressure alongside different chemicals to divide the ore and also melt the gold. This is usually done to set it apart from impurities that may be in the gold. After this is done, the gold turns into a “pure” one. The technology used in completing this process is called the Gold smelting furnace.

Recently, there’s been a lot of concerns and questions about gold smelting. To find out more about gold smelting, stick to this article. Let’s get to it!

Safety Tips for Gold Smelting

Regardless of the method you’ve chosen to melt your gold with, you must take these safety measures seriously:

  • Get and wear a heat resistant glove
  • Ensure to put on a heavy apron
  • Stay in a safe spot or preferably a shop in your home to melt gold.
  • Wear goggles to keep your eyes/face safe
  • Stay away from highly inflammable materials

Other Things you should know about Gold Smelting

Understanding the information below will help you smelt your gold better:

1. Ore Processing

Ore processing is usually the first step in every gold smelting procedure. In this stage, an ore that contains gold is mined from the soil. This when the crude that binds the gold and the matter should be separated. To achieve this, the gold ore will need to be pulverized or crushed and then placed in the gold smelting furnace.

Also, for the gold to be elevated to its melting point, the furnace must run in an excess heat of 1064°C.

2. Removal of impurities

The second step is to remove the impurities. Most times, the furnace burns off a lot of the impurities while leaving the metal. When extracting gold ore from the earth, there are bound to be impurities and particles of different metals in it.

To sort out the gold from other types of metals, mercury, cyanide solutions including other types of chemicals are brought into the gold. Doing this lets the gold form clumps as well as nuggets of gold.

3. Smelting is an important step to gold mining

Every gold miner should consider taking golf through the process of smelting before putting it up for sale. If the hold is not properly smelt, it will be stuck in the ore, and this, in turn, hoards chances of making profits off the gold.

Generally, it’s almost impossible to see any big company Regine gold themselves, and also, they prefer to have the gold smelt on site. This is done to avoid high costs.

 Large companies normally smelt gold on-site to cut down on costs but cannot refine gold themselves.

What happens after gold smelting?

After gold smelting, the gold is usually melted one more time and then transferred into molds to create blocks/bars. There are lots of things that the gold can be used for after this process is done.

While some of it is used to make jewelry, others used for electronic contacts or simply recycled to fulfill other purposes.


Gold smelting involves the use of high-cost tools and tech to achieve. This is more reason why everyone is expected to understand the basics of melting gold.


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