Why Choose Sheet metal prototyping fabrications?


Do you want to test your product design? Do need an expert hand on your metal sheets such as bending, punching, Cutting standard gauge metal among other services? Do you need injection mold tooling for your design? 3ERP will offer you all the services affordably and professionally. You will agree with me that prototyping is very essential; in the process of coming up with the end product design that you need. It is until you test when you will be sure of what you expect. In this article, we will try to understand sheet metal prototyping and why you need to consider it.

Why Sheet metal prototyping fabrications?

Sheet metal fabrication can be used in the prototyping stage where you introduce your design for testing to vet its viability or seek improvement. It can also be used to create an end production whereby the design is set for the real production of the finished product.

Pros of sheet metal fabrication

Material used

Which material do you have? You do not have to be worried if the material will work out or not. 3ERP offers sheet metal prototyping using various materials such as aluminium, copper, stainless steel, zinc and steel. You do not know which material to be used maybe? You will be given professional advice by 3ERP personnel’s.

Finishing options

How do you want your design to appear, the colour, the graphics among others? This expertise knowledge you will receive from 3ERP services. Do you need plating, anodizing, powder coating and bead blasting? Contact 3ERP for an expert touch to your design that you will be proud of,


No one wants to make or buy a product that will work for a while and fail, especially in such fields like this durability is very core. These designs are always subjected to adverse temperatures and pressure and they must be able to withstand for a very long time. 3ERP combines all the strength, technology, expertise and potential they need to come up with durable components.

Gauge variety

What is the size of your design? How thick are the metals in your design? That should not be a worry for you. The sheet metal fabrication with the 3ERP offers a variety of gauges. This will make you achieve your exact expectation without having to compromise your metal thickness.


The sheet metal prototyping process is scalable in such a way that low setup costs are leading to low prices for large volumes. This is very economical and you can opt for this process if large volume production is your focus, then this is the best process for you.

Quick turnaround

You do not want delays. Delays mean a slow production rate. The more the delay the more you lose time to get to the next stage of production. You will be to receive your product between 5 and 10 days.

Sheet metal prototyping is a great method that can be applied in various areas such as in the production of kitchen equipment, office equipment, among other areas.


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