5 Instances You Will Need Dual Chamber Orifice Fitting Parts


A dual-chamber orifice fitting is a reliable flow meter device constructed to measure liquids, oils, or gas flow. The device is designed in a way that changing orifice plates happens safely and quickly while still under pressure but without any hitches in the pipeline. A quick look at the https://www.whmcn.com/products/dual-chamber-orifice-fitting-parts/, you’ll notice various parts that operate on the principle of measuring velocity inside a pipe. Dual-chamber orifice fitting parts are critical in industrial processes. So what are the instances that require you to install orifice fittings?

Examples of when you need dual chamber orifice fitting parts

Due to their reliability and structure, dual-chamber orifice fitting parts work best for industrial setups where maximum accuracy, functionality, and reliability are crucial. Here are five instances where dual chamber orifice fitting parts are needed.

1) Water treatment centers

Dual-chamber orifice fittings are used to calculate the runoff flux from a treatment plant. This device calculates the flux from the disposal tanks sent for treatment at a water treatment plant. The measurement is achieved when an amount of water passes through the dual-chamber orifice, which is then converted to a discharge value compared to known flow values. Once the reader obtains the values, calculating the flux to energy for each flow unit becomes easy.

2) Chemical industries

Another example that uses dual chamber orifice fitting parts is the chemical industry. There are a lot of chemical processes that require close monitoring in various industrial setups. With the orifice fitting devices, it is easy to calculate the flow of specific liquids or gases flowing through pipelines for optimal operation and production of chemical substances. Many chemical manufacturing companies prioritize quality parts and are ready to spend, provided there is value for their money.

3) Hydropower plants

Dual-chamber orifice flow meters have wide application in hydropower plants. They calculate the volume and speed of the water leaving the penstock before going to the turbines, enabling the plant to operate at optimal efficiency. The device measures the flow rate of the water for improved efficiency. The dual-chamber orifice ensures there is no water wasted in any stages.

4) Oil refineries

Another industry that uses dual chamber orifice fittings is the refinery. Refineries use this device to calculate the oil or gas flow rate discharged from the pipeline. A properly working orifice device ensures efficient control of facilities, thus, optimizing production. This ensures the balance between demand and stock.

5) Petrochemical plants

These plants also utilize dual chamber orifice fitting parts to measure the flow of liquids such as hydrocarbons through their hydraulic and pipeline systems. In a petrochemical plant, it’s essential to calculate the flow of fluids or steam used in different chemical processes.


Dual-chamber orifice fitting parts continue to be embraced in many production industries. The main focus of these industries is to ease and optimize daily functions. Do you require a dual-chamber orifice fitting that complies with the latest concentricity requirements? Browse our website and get all the parts that you want, according to your specifications.


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