What Cases can you Use the Floor Saws?


A lot of people are scared to handle heavy machinery on their own. Especially when it comes to construction equipment, there could be some unwarranted fear. In recent times, a lot of the cement planers and floor saws being manufactured have small scale models.

These small scale models are mostly used for “around the home” cement floor repairs and modifications. Most walk behind floor saws suppliers have access to the various models and sizes.

The walk behind models of these cement planers could be said to be relatively easy to handle. But for the perfect outcome, it would be best for an expert to handle the machinery. The same applies to floor saws.

Walk Behind Floor Saw

The walk behind Floor Saws is a vital machine when repairs of cement floors are to be carried out. The presence of a crack or cracks can not just be glossed over. There needs to be a certain level of controlled damage. The walk behind floor saw is capable of cutting through floor cement. This could be done with other machines but they would not give a result as precise as the floor saws. The walk behind floor saws could be even more precise because they are more convenient to handle.

The JIEHE walk behind floor saws come in various models for various depths of work. the model of floor saw you decide to use and at what specific setting depends entirely on the job to be done. That being said, as long as the flooring is concrete, asphalt, or anything of the sort, then there is a suitable floor saw.

In what Situations can you Use these Cement Planers and Floor Saws

Both cement planers and the walk behind floor saws can be used in various settings. The fact that there are various models, goes to support this notion. From simple indoor repairs and modifications to Gardens and pavements, Bridges, and even major road projects, cement planers and walk behind floor saws can be used.

As JIEHE products, the quality of these machines can be guaranteed. Take the concrete cutter for a case study. Various features add up together to make the concrete cutter or floor saw a piece of wonderful and ideal machinery for cutting into cement, concrete, asphalt, and similar floor structures. One such feature is the weight of the concrete cutter. The concrete cutter is quite heavy. This might seem like a disadvantage but it is also an advantage. The weight keeps the cutter aligned. Meaning that when in use you get a straight and precise cut.

We also have several processes carried out on the cutting blade to ensure that it has a longer lifespan. One of such measures which are carried out to improve the lifespan of the saws themselves he is the cutting of the edges with stronger resistant materials.

The same meticulousness is applied in the manufacture of the cement planar.


The concrete cutter and cement cleaner manufactured and supplied by JIEHE might not be perfect. But they get the job done well. This means they save you any additional phones you might have needed to spend on extra labor.


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