Essential information on LED track lighting

LED track lighting

Track lighting is a system of lighting fixture that is mounted to a ceiling or a wall. The lighting fixture gets power from individual light fixtures as well as heads. This means that the fixture can be wired into a circuit that is already existing, or it can also be plugged into a socket on the wall. Track lighting is used as an alternative to conventional wired lamps. They use a length of electrical wiring that, in most cases, is exposed and hidden inside a plastic or aluminum track. One of the most common forms of track lighting is LED track lighting, the likes of MILHOUSE’s  LED Spotlight.

Features of an LED Track lighting system

There are three main features or parts of a track lighting system.

  • The track

This is the part of the track light that is wired to the power source. It is also the part that holds the conductors for the heads. The track, when looked at in cross-section, looks like a U or a square with one part of the center missing. The part that seems to be missing is the one that is mounted onto the ceiling. It can also be mounted onto a wall as well. For correct installation, the open side of the track is installed facing down.

  • The conductors

There are two system conductors; the hot conductor and the neutral conductor. These conductors are made from copper strips, and they are mounted onto an insulating material that is situated inside the track of the track light. Each LED track lighting strip is placed on each side of the track. 

  • The heads

The heads are the track lighting holding fixtures. A regular track light has two heads, each of which has two metal taps that connect it to the power that is inside the track. One of the track lighting heads holds the reflector light bulb. 

 LED track lighting

Factors to consider during the purchase

  • Type of track

There are three categories of track lighting systems;

  1. Line or low voltage track lights
  2. Single or two circuit track lights
  3. Flexible or straight track lights

It is vital to keep in mind that not all light fixtures are compatible with all track systems. Therefore, always consider your choice of the light fixture before determining the track light system to choose from. 

  • The type of light fixture

The type of fixture that you select will determine the track light that you choose, as well. To get the best fixture, seek advice from the manufacturers or retailers. The standards of the adapter and the voltage levels would also help in determining the type of fixture you select.

  • The layout

The LED track light can either be installed to the ceiling directly or suspended from the ceiling. The type of design will help you determine the fixtures to be used. Additionally, do not forget to choose a layout that marries with the type of lighting you need.


Installing LED track lighting is pretty straight forward. However, to get the best work done, you might need to hire an electrician. LED track lighting can be used to light up odd corners of the house and some of the most critical parts of the house like the kitchen. 


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