CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with Rotary


A plasma cutting machine with rotary is commonly used for cutting all types of carbon steel, non-ferrous, and stainless-steel precision metal sheets. It adds a rotary axis on the edge sides and extends the gantry for cutting pipes and metal tubes. Its cutting edge is even and moves at a velocity of 2.5 meters every minute while processing every sliceable object up to 20mm thick. Below is a detailed description of a CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with Rotary.

Features of a CNC plasma cutting machine with rotary

1. Heavy-duty machine body

The entire structure is made of the finest steel 8mm dense beam and tube with a square shape welded with a seamless design with an anti-rust treatment. It is annealed and hardened at high-temperature. The body weight keeps it stable without deformation at any speed in long working hours.

2. Plasma power supply

It has an accessible switch inverter technology that makes the cutting current balanced; the result is a clean and fine cut. Ramping technology in the current cutting decreases the plasma torch consumption.

It has broad grid voltage suitability, unmatched dustproof plan, highly reliable solid formation, small in size, and light. Lastly, the high-quality gas pressure detectors and indicator functions make it easy to rectify air pressure using the gas test function.

3. Helical rack and pinion

The helical rack is connected directly to the valve to simplify the valve’s joining and make the valve’s shape more beautiful, miniaturized, and symmetrical. Even rotation of the helical gear rack leads to a small rotation gap resulting in free movement and a little backlash.

4. Stepper motor and lead shine driver

It’s cheap and accurate and enhances the speed of the equipment. The motor heat falls to 30% to extend the motor’s lifetime. With decreased vibrations, the engine operates more smoothly. Lastly, there is a reduced power consumption rate with the use of current control technology.

5. Start controller system

You can operate it easily; reason there is a switch for emergencies use to ensure your safety and that of other technicians. The CNC system operates on a two-phase motor driver that takes complete digital control to ensure reduced heat generation, low vibration, noise reduction, minimized chances of failure, and splendid running characteristics. With enhanced speed, various tasks are processed fast under proficient performance to guarantee a smooth cut and little turn around time.

6. The linear guide rails

It is a spherical progression mode; the friction is specifically small. The lubrication structure is simple; the working precision should be preserved to save energy.

Other features include the universal ball, which should be compatible with any software design, adjustable automatic arc pressure, and plywood package.

Some of the benefits of using a CNC plasma cutting machine with rotary include:

  • It cuts all metal sheet types and tubes with a wider cutting area.
  • It has a fast and efficient cutting speed; 20mm per minute.
  • It is compatible with different software.
  • Reduced operating and investment costs.

 Final Thoughts

A CNC plasma cutting machine with rotary saves you a lot, from time to resources, and does not need specific unique necessities on the environment you are working in. Try it out.


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