Why and How to Trim Candle Wicks


Whenever you trim the wicks, your candles can offer a level of illumination. The untrimmed wicks make candle flames have a dull appearance that affects the amount of light they produce. Therefore, trimming the week is necessary as it allows the flame to have a brighter and clearer burn. The wick trimmer is an important accessory for candle users. Using it right ensures you have an exciting burning experience.

By keeping the wicks short, your candles can have a clean burn. For instance, some candles are known to create a sooty residue when burning. Unfortunately, this leaves dark marks on surfaces and ceilings. If you place a candle in the jars, then you might see black marks at the top. You should trim candle wicks on a routine basis to help minimize the residue produced when the candle is burning.

Another reason you should trim your candle wicks is to ensure they can last longer. You should note that longer wicks burn faster. That means they easily get used up quickly. By trimming candle wicks, you get the value out of the candles.

When Should You Trim Candle Wicks?

It is advisable to trim your candle wicks before using the candle. Ideally, the trimming should be done about 1/5 inch before burning them. In so doing, you ensure the candles burn brightly and safely.

There is a need to pay attention to the quality of a wick trimmer. Remember that this is an important candle accessory that makes your candle feel and look great. You probably understand how a great candle is and appreciate how any given space can feel and smell. This means that caring for each candle will make it burn better.

Some of the top benefits of trimming candle wicks are better burning flame, proper candle care, cleaning burning experience, and long-lasting burn. Also, you will benefit from unobstructed scent diffusion and fresh wicks.

Trimming Candle Wicks Procedure

When trimming candle wicks, you want to ensure you cut the wick with an appropriate wick trimmer. For safety purposes and results, you should trim wicks at room temperature. However, if you forgot to trim the wick, you should wait for it to cool down and then cut it.

Other than trimming your candle wicks, it is advisable to get rid of debris on the wax before you light the candle. This is quite important as it ensures your candles burn safely. This involves eliminating trimmings that fall onto the wax. Ensure you replace the candle when there is about ½ inch of wax remains in the jar.

The tool that is designed for trimming your candle wicks is known as a wick trimmer. You can easily purchase this tool online or in the local candle shop. If you do not have this tool, you can use a nail clipper or scissors. When you use the right tool, you can be assured of a cleaner, brighter candle burning. Always ensure you do not burn your candles near curtains or near potential fire hazards for obvious safety reasons.


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