Introduction to Hand Pallet Trucks 

Hand Pallet Truck

Hand pallet trucks are one of the most popular handling and movement tools used by businesses in almost any given industry. Nowadays, you can’t even find transportation or a logistics hub without at least one hand pallet truck. Thanks to their compact size, as well as the fact that it can move different loads of cargo packed on pallets in all directions, they are irreplaceable for small businesses. Then there is their affordable price which is also a big factor for small businesses. 

Working with a hand pallet truck

First and most important of all is that the hand pallet truck must be used correctly to avoid potential accidents. It’s never recommended to use it on angled and uniform surfaces because it can get flipped over. Additionally, it is never a good idea to leave it unattended or loaded. 

How to properly park a hand pallet truck?

Bring the hand pallet truck forks to their lowest possible position on a place where it doesn’t interfere with other operations or stands on the way of others. If it is equipped with a brake, use it. If not, let it stay in its low position. 

Lifting pallets with a hand pallet truck

Always make sure that the load is not greater than the loading capacity of the hand palette truck. Carefully bring the forks under the load. Make sure that the load sits nicely against the back end of the forks. Then move the operating lever to its lifting position. Finally, lift the load using up and down moments. 


To lower the load, you need to shift the lever to its lowering position. Once the lever is released, you will stop the lowering movement. Then check if there is proper clearance behind. If that’s good, you can move the pallet truck away. 


Avoid moving the truck on an inclined surface or a slope. Additionally, make sure that the load is stable enough so that it can be easily transported without falling. 


It can be very dangerous if there are any malfunctions or the hand palette tuck is inoperative. If possible, move it to a place where it doesn’t bother anyone and call for service. Otherwise, if you keep on using it, you risk hurting yourself, as well as everyone else that works or moves near your operating area.

Maintenance tips

Proper maintenance can significantly increase the lifespan of the hand palette truck. Here are some practical tips.

  • Please don’t use it always at its maximum capacity.
  • Make sure all the bearings and bushes are properly lubricated.
  • Use proper grease for hand pallet trucks to lubricate the bearing and bushes. 
  • When not used, park it somewhere where there isn’t any moisture or is exposed to rain and sun.

In conclusion

The only thing left is to find a professional China factory Hand Pallet Truck that can fulfill the specific demands of your business. As always, the internet is the best place to start and finish your search for a hand pallet truck from a reputable brand. 

The best brands are the ones that have been longer than ten years on the market, have established international presence, have all the safety and quality assurance certificates, and their products regularly feature top reviews.


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