The Upsides and Downsides Associated With Solar Lighting Systems


Renewable energy has been one everyone’s mouth in the hope of finding more sustainable solutions to the increasing environmental issues such as pollution. Solar energy is the most reliable and the most effective source of renewable energy. Due to the fact that solar energy is inexhaustible, most countries are urging homeowners to invest in solar lights systems.

Basically, the solar panels collect energy that is used to produce solar lighting. Solar lighting refers to a system that generates and stores its own energy from the sun. The explanation behind this lies in the photovoltaic effect that enables the solar panels to collect the power.

 solar lights systems
solar lights systems

What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar lighting?


  1. The biggest advantage of solar lighting is that it doesn’t require hardwiring. This makes its installation very easy.
  2. Generally, fewer tools are needed so you do not spend a lot of money on the initial installation process.
  3. There are no extra electricity costs that are incurred. You end up saving a considerable amount of money that would have otherwise been paid to your electric energy provider.
  4. Solar lighting fixtures are much safer to use around water compared to electricity. This makes them ideal for use in pools, ponds, and hot tubs. With these, the risk of an accident is almost negligible.
  5. Whenever there is an electrical outage, solar lights will still remain functional. Solar lights work independent of the utility grid but depend on the heat energy that is given off by the sun. The panels store as much of this energy as possible during the day for use during the night.
  6. The solar energy technology is very environmentally friendly. Using solar lighting systems significantly reduces the carbon footprint that is created by using non-renewable energy sources. This will, ultimately, decrease the problems that are caused by depletion of the planet’s resources.
  7. Solar energy is an unlimited source of energy. As long as there is sunlight. We’ll always have solar energy making it inexhaustible.
  8. Solar lighting systems require minimal maintenance compared to conventional lights. All that you need to do is a couple of check-ups and cleaning all year round to ensure the longevity of the systems.
  9. The solar lights are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles. Users are spoilt for choice and are almost guaranteed to find a solution that fulfills all their individual needs and requirements.
  10. Solar lights are easily mobile so they can be carried to remote areas where they provide effective solutions to the lighting problems.
 solar lights systems
solar lights systems


  1. Solar panels and their batteries are still quite costly. They require a higher initial investment compared to the conventional lights
  2. Since the solar lighting systems are not technically wired, they can easily be stolen. They are more prone to theft than conventional lighting systems due to their higher monetary value.
  3. The rechargeable batteries need to be replaced every once in a while within the lifecycle of the solar lighting systems. This adds on top of the initial costs incurred during installation.
  4. Debris such as snow or dust may accumulate on the horizontal solar panels leading to reduced energy production. When they are placed in areas that experience extreme weather conditions, solar lights need to be inspected more regularly.


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