Yiosi Lighting: A Step-by-Step Guide for Hanging your Chandelier


This step-by-step installation guide has been provided for the ease and safety of anyone intending to install lightings in a home or commercial place. For a successful installation process, ensure you read this guide carefully pre-installation. We recommend you let a professional electrician handle the installation of direct wired fixtures.

If you purchased a Yiosi Lighting chandelier, your chandelier should come with the following hardware in the installation kit:

  • Chain
  • Chain Loop
  • Canopy plate
  • Locknut
  • Mounting strip with green ground screw
  • Mounting Screws
  • Threaded pipe nipple
  • Wire Nuts
  • Instructions
 Yiosi Lighting
Yiosi Lighting


  1. Before proceeding to installing the lights, the main electrical supply source should be shut off from the circuit breaker or fuse box.
  2. If you are only planning to replace the existing fixture, remove it then release the locknut while you hold the canopy plate with the other hand. Bring down the canopy plate to unveil the outlet box holding the wiring.
  3. Undo the wire nuts then disconnect the black and white wires from the fixture you are planning to change. Have the ground wire disconnected and remove the nipple and mounting strip crossing the outlet box.
  4. Fasten the crossbar to the junction box by putting the screws through the slots in both end of the crossbar.
  5. Attach nipple with a nut into the hole in the crossbar. Ensure the nipple isn’t threaded beyond 3 complete turns.
  6. Spread the chain’s end link. Put the open link through the chain loop and close the link to lock the chain to it.
  7. This is when you decide how much chain you want to use to have the fixture hanging at your length.
  8. Weave the ground and the fixture lead wire through the links (except the 4 links above) an
  9. Slip the loop and canopy above the wires in the same pattern. You can temporarily fix the chain to the crossbar for support while wiring, this allows for an easier installation.
  10. GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS: For a 2 wire system, coil the ground wire round grounding screw. If it’s a 3 wire system; attach the ground wire from fixture directly to the ground wire in the outlet box.
  11. In the junction box, you should find about 6-8 inches of insulated wire, when you know the required length of the lead wires; remove the excess and strip off three-quarter inch of both leads of the wire and divide them for numerous inches. (Plenty of lead wire is needed on fixture and try not to cut too short)
  12. Wind the ribbed insulated wire and the smooth insulated wire with the white and black colored wire inside the junction box respectively; and secure using a wire nut. Ensure there are no strands of wire extending from the wire nut.
  13. After connecting the wires, tuck them into the outlet box carefully then raise the canopy up to the ceiling and fix the loop to the nipple.

DO NOT hook chain to the loop if the canopy and loop aren’t secured enough to avert the wire and chain from twisting. If they are secured, then you can hook the chain to loop. Now, you can light up the area!



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