Regarding the issue of developing the best e-bike battery, certain results are influenced by some key choices during the production period. There are many methods of production which require different ways of handling and processing. In each and every one of this methods, there are different requirements and peculiarities that e-bike battery suppliers have to figure out in other to develop the best-integrated e-bike battery. Because of this, the use e-bike batteries have taken a long turn starting from the normal use of rechargeable batteries to the evolution of bikes to become fully electrically driven with the aid of e-bike batteries. For example, when developing carbon fibre frames the e-bike battery supplier has to make a solution of laminating carbon and then impregnating it with resin.

Integrated e-bike batteries are batteries put within bicycle frames that especially help store energy within the e-bike for its utmost performance. TLH batteries as an e-bike company help in producing, handling, and providing battery solutions to e-bike companies and other people who are in need. As a fully certified and trusted e-bike battery supplier our company helps in producing e-bike batteries with better appearance, protection, weight, including making it easy to route and remove.

Using an e-bike battery comes with greater challenges from mounting it to monitoring how it works. However, that is not something to worry about at this point, together with our long-lasting experience of e-bike since 2005 we are specialists in making custom e-bike batteries best suiting your needs. TLH batteries is a company designed for all the solutions.



This is one of the most crucial things deriving the design of the electric battery. Many great decisions have to be done in making the best-integrated e-bike battery such as its range, its integration, dimensioning and capacity are all unique factors affecting the design of the e-bike battery. An important factor to note when controlling the range is the wattage, this does not only affect the range but also increases the torque of the bicycle uphill.

Based on a simple research about determining the range it was found that a power of 326 watts has to be supplied in order to propel the bike forwards. All these basic terminologies are key concepts to be observed when developing a great e-bike battery solution in the TLH battery company as an e-bike battery supplier. In the process of driving an e-bike for a minimum time of one hour, the battery has to be within 250 W of energy.

Below are some goals the TLH battery company tries to achieve in making the best selections for the battery cells.

  1. Finding the best dimensions of the battery cell to fit into the frame.
  2. Creating a battery chemistry with high energy and density as possible.
  3. Getting a nominal voltage of 36V.
  4. Reaching a capacity of about 5.9 Ah.
  5. A minimum continuous discharge current of about 9A (considering the DSG nominal power to be 250 W).
  6.  A maximum discharge current of 20 A (considering the DSG peak power to be 750 W).

An integrated e-battery cell which has proven to comply with all these others is rated with the best energy density capable of giving a thrilling performance.


This is one of the current goals for making the best-integrated e-bike battery for e-bike battery users. Having its role as the battery controlling system makes it have this two main components which influence its design. The first and the most important component is the battery monitoring chip which helps to rectify problems of voltage protection, conditioning, and balancing of the internal battery cells.

The fuel gauge chip, this helps in making precise fuel gauging algorithm plus health monitoring calculations of the battery. This has the decisive effort of accurately measuring the charge of the e-bike battery pack based on the chemistry of the battery pack, voltage, temperature, and current.

The battery management pack is aided with the following importance’s.

– Overvoltage protection

– Under voltage protection.

– Programmable protection features.

– Internal cell balancing (the chemistry of the battery.

– Accurate state of charge and battery performance calculations.


The battery life of the battery is calculated in charge cycles. This depends on the number of full charges which it can undergo. A typical e-bike battery can undergo hundreds of charges depending on the battery type. The life expectancy is mainly concerned with the type of the battery. A lithium battery can last up to 100 charge cycles or even a lot more than that. Nickel batteries last about 500 charge cycles. Lead batteries last about 300 charge cycles which happen to be the least.

Getting the best combination for the perfect e-bike battery means testing all of the components all-over again and again to make sure that the best options are made in all cases. This is a little bit theoretical based on our own estimates as e-bike battery suppliers. For example, a bad quality lithium battery has a higher risk of stopping than a good nickel battery. At the end of the charge cycles, the performance of the battery will automatically decrease. When this happens the charge can only be stored for a short period of time.



Just like any other integrated e-bike battery the e-bike battery also needs to be charged to regain its energy after use. During this operation of charging the e-bike battery, you are advised to charge the battery in a dry location at a very stable room temperature. Making sure to charge the e-bike battery in very stable conditions helps to keep the chemistry of the cells intact.


When storing the e-bike battery during winter in temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius for a relatively long period of time the charging should be at around 30% to 60%.


Taking appropriate care of the e-bike battery can also mean cleaning the e-bike, but when cleaning it you are never to use a direct water jet in any situation. In other to protect all of the electric components when cleaning the bike a proper battery solution is to remove the integrated e-bike battery before you start to clean the e-bike. Just like during the summer also during winter there are certain things that you should note. During the time of winter, it is recommended to charge the battery at room temperature before use.


When transporting the e-bike battery remember that it has so many electrical components within it which can be damaged. In other to safely transport the e-bike battery the batteries should all be taken off the bikes right at the time of transport.

The design of the e-bike battery circuit, specification, and CAD data are all key players in deciding the wellness of the battery. From time to time the chemistry of your battery may differ which will probably be needing special care in the hereafter. The management of your e-bike battery can become a very technical thing to handle and one of the best ways of making sure it is ok is finding out if the cell of the battery is still at a good shape. TLH battery is an e-bike battery supplier working with the safety and management certifications to fully incorporate the perfect design for the e-bike battery all in getting the best results.


Basically, within the integrated e-bike battery design, there are a lot of technical undergoing’s and internal changes concerning the chemistry of the battery and other specifications. The TLH battery company checks several things such as the wattage of your motor, voltage, its capacity, technical specifications, and casing CAD data. When this research is conducted and verified judgments are made according to the results whether you need a custom battery management system or not. As this decision gets to be taken, the step of conjuring the best solutions related to your problems is then recognized. The functions and design of the integrated e-bike battery are all made sure to be at their best regarding the needs of your e-bike battery. All these stages are comparatively done with little work.

After going through this stages the experiment is the confirmed. Just like any other battery supplier also in the case of TLH batteries prototypes are then created and confirmed. As soon as everything goes Ok as planned it is then time to conduct a test. Once the test is passed then bulk production is then accepted.

TLH battery is capable of providing customized battery pack solutions, including lithium-ion battery pack assembly, circuit design, battery pack production & delivery. All these processes are done according to the safety and management specification. The TLH battery has an excellent experience to cooperate bike industry to design custom e-bike battery. Please contact us for more information.



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