The essence of UET in the production of Turnkey PCB


UET has given so much attention to their position as a pioneer in the PCBs (Printed Circuit board assembly) services Industry, delivering flexible and rigid goods to buyers in the industrial, aerospace, automotive, medical, telecommunications, and other industries. 

They focus on creating different types of projects on PCB assemblies and a complete turnkey Printed Circuit Board assembly. The Company provides dependable and swift assemblies as UET are professionals at purchasing parts, running tests, assembling, aftermarket services, dispatch of products, and warranty features. 

All the prototypes, design, and assembly processes follow strictly the procedure laid down in Class 3 and IPC-A-610. 

Rapid Quotes

UET provides a 24hour quotes for your order on turnkey PCB assemblies. As soon as your order is made, it is processed with a view to quick delivery.

Less Development Time

Their complete turnkey Printed Circuit Board assembly is a very-good and swift type of electronic assembly. There is no need to bother about handling different suppliers from the procurement of parts, PCB manufacturing, and PCB assembly. With the Company’s services on Turnkey Printed Circuit Board assemblies, you can create and redesign fabrication and prototypes quicker, effectively, and conveniently. 


UET’s complete service on turnkey Printed assemblies features reduces cost as a whole. They are expert assemblers of electronics, who can get sturdy parts at a considerably low cost due to their relationship with component distributors or producers for a long time. Using their linking solution from one manufacturer, you will make significant savings on expenses, too.

Enhanced control on quality 

The Company possesses improved equipment, in addition to six automated lines and a host of very qualified workers who are proficient with turnkey PCB assembly works. UET will not aid in only meeting your aims when it comes to quality, but also finish your product development quickly.

UET PCB Assembly Potentialities

Fabrication of PCB

  • Flexible and Strong Circuits
  • Several layers available 
  • Copper with heavyweight 
  • Custom plus

Solder Types

  • Presence of lead
  • No lead
  • In a RoHS order
  • Water Clean and dirty Fluxes

Parts Management

  • Follows a 01005 Sizes down
  • BGA (Ball Grid Array)
  • QFP &QFN 
  • Little package of Chip – Pitch of 0.2 millimeter

Engineering Support

  • CAM members give correct solutions
  • An assembly of experienced suggestions 
  • Verification by BOM
  • A full review of Design for Assembly (DFA) 

Testing & Inspection Capabilities

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI): This inspection is to view if any part is missing, the polarity, and the paste of a Solder. 

X-ray testing: An x-ray testing is usually carried out on a Lead-free Quad-flat (QFN) Printed Circuit Boards and BGAs. 

In-Circuit Test (ICT): ICT test is carried out to assess any short or opening in a circuit. Aside from that, the test also inspects the resistance, capacitance, and other electrical issues to ensure the PCB assembly is well done.

Final Thoughts 

UET technology provides you with all the benefits of a turnkey PCB assembly that can be created within a short time and at a cheap budget. This article highlights ways in which industries benefit from these PCB assemblies.


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