The Need and Benefits of Custom Bearings


When buying bearings, you want to ensure you get the best parts that can suit your needs. Unfortunately, it is not always the case when you search for standard parts. It is common for the standard bearings to be either under-qualified or over-qualified to perform intended tasks. If you want to dig a hole for a fence post in your garden, you do not need an excavator. On the other hand, a regular shovel will not do the work efficiently. Therefore, there are times you need custom bearing to address your concerns.

If standards bearings do not work, custom bearings are the perfect solution. Ideally, they will meet both your pricing and performance needs. The following are some of the reasons you should invest in custom bearing parts.

Avoid Over-Specification

There are times when regular bearings provide higher performance capabilities than the application needs. That is because they are built for a variety of applications. As a result, they have qualities that are best suited to your applications. For instance, they can have heavy loads than what the application needs and can handle faster speeds than what the application needs. Also, they can have tolerances, which are not important for some applications.

As a result, you end paying for qualities that you do not require. You may be surprised to note that custom bearings are cheaper than standard ones, even after including the cost of customizing them. Remember that you should pay only for what you require. That explains why the custom design serves you best.

Need for Complexity

Other regular bearings provide qualities that can increase the cost; there are certain situations when the application needs a certain level of complexity. In such cases, the standard bearings cannot help. Also, you cannot modify them. Custom bearings provide you the freedom to use them without basing them on specifications of the standard part. That means you pay only for the features you require when streamlining other qualities.

Also, your bearing may need a special design that meets your specifications that are not readily available on the shelf. That is where you need custom bearings that can suit your needs and can suit your specific needs. As a result, you can maintain your design without being hindered by the part’s limitations.

New Material Options

There are situations when the standard bearings are not made of the right material for the application. Remember that no two projects are the same, but standard parts are the same. For instance, bearings made from chrome are suitable for certain applications, and they can deteriorate when used in other environments. For instance, corroding bearings are not suitable for food processing. In such cases, you will need bearings that are made of stainless steel, ceramic, or plastic. The best way of preventing bearing failure is to get a custom made that suits your design’s specifications.

Although some bearing suppliers will want you to choose from existing options, you should consider getting custom parts that suit your needs. You can find suppliers with existing relationships and resources to address your concerns and make custom bearings suitable for your application.


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