Various Ways of Shipping from China to Germany


Transporting goods from China to Germany can be done in various ways. Around 95% of product samples and considerable amounts of high-value items are sent via a courier.

For urgent and fast delivery, express shipping is the best option, as the delivery time may range from one to three days, unlike the standard shipping that will take two to eight days to arrive.

Some of the popular companies that offer shipping from China to Germany are FedEx, DHL, or UPS within four working days. They will process the customs clearance and taxes, but because it’s express shipping, it can be a little pricey, and the rates are higher than the usual forms of transport. If you ship something during the holidays, it will cost a lot, but it can drop in the off-season.

If you cannot afford the companies’ costs mentioned above, you can search for an express company that offers a reasonable price and get the item at a discounted price. The shipping cost from China to Germany is cheaper and faster with express delivery with a weight under 100kg.

Two Ways of Transporting Your Goods from China to Germany

By Sea

If you choose to ship your products by sea, you need to plan the shipment ahead of time, particularly if the weight is over 500kg or big enough to occupy more than two cubic meters. For a bigger load, sea shipping is the recommended mode of transportation. But it is also the most complex mode of shipping, and it may take several days. The shipping from China to Germany usually takes 25 to 41 days to arrive in port and 42 and 47 days for door to door delivery.

Most of China’s shipments are transported on several ports like Ningbo port, Tianjin port, Shanghai port, Qingdao port, Hongkong port, and Xiamen port. If your forwarder is within these cities, you will have an advantage as he will be well-versed with the loading and unloading process. It also makes the handling of goods easier and thus saves you more time.

By Air Freight

Most companies in China choose sea shipping to transport their products to Germany easily and reliably. Items like clothing, seasonal goods, electronics, and others that cannot be transported by sea are shipped through air freight. If your shipment weight around 100kg, the best option is via air freight. Within a few days, you can receive your cargo. Air transport is the fastest why shipping from China to Germany. It usually takes 5 to 8 days port to port and 6 to 13 days door to door.

Airfreight can be calculated in two methods. The first method is the price per kilogram multiplied with the weight. The other one is for low-density cargo, where the cost of your load will depend on the volume it occupies.

You can compare the two ways of shipping goods from China to Germany and choose the one that will fit your budget and the supposed arrival schedule.


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