An Outline Of How The Swiss Turning Machine Works


Swiss turning is a specialized procedure in the manufacturing of high-precision parts. Swiss turning machining services are very beneficial to many sectors of the economy. Examples of industries that benefit from CNC Swiss are; aerospace, automotive, and medical. CNC Swiss machining services help produce precise parts that keep the economy running smoothly and efficiently. Swiss turning machine accompanied by skilled operators helps in the manufacturing of small parts that have great tolerance. This article will look at how the Swiss turning machine works.

Meaning of Swiss CNC machine

Swiss CNC machine also goes by Swiss automatic lathe or Swiss-type lathe. It is the latest precision manufacturing machine that can swiftly and accurately make extremely small parts.

How the Swiss turning machine works

A computer numerical control unit controls CNC Swiss machine operations. The Swiss machine feeds bar stock via a guide bushing that steadily holds the material as it goes into the machine’s tooling area. Furthermore, only the machined section of the bar stock enters the tooling region, ensuring that the material is kept snugly in place for greater precision and stability. The computer control allows the Swiss machine to use more tools, enabling the Swiss machine to simultaneously do several processes on the same piece for a shorter time.

Advantaged of Swiss turning machining services

· High tight tolerance

The Swiss machine holds the workpiece firmly near the operations point for the whole machining procedure. The parts remain firm and unaffected by the tool’s force because the workpiece is held closely to the tooling process. The workpiece’s steady support guarantees high precision in very high tolerance, even when making small parts.

· Production of complex parts

The firm support of the workpiece ensures that the Swiss turning machine can create more intricate and complex parts that have delicate features, deeper cuts, and thin walls. The production of complex parts is not possible with other machines

· High productivity speed

Depending on the complexity and size, Swiss turning machines can manufacture up to 30 parts in an hour. It is the fastest in all CNC machines. Also, a Swiss turning machine allows for several tooling features, therefore, saving time in cutting.

· High precision parts

Swiss turning machine manufactures accurate parts that do not require secondary processes. Therefore, ensuring the parts produced are high quality and ready for shipment immediately after machining.

· Cost-efficient

The CNC Swiss turning machine is program-oriented. As a result, one technician can operate several machines, therefore saving the workforce’s cost.

CNC Swiss Application industry

CNC Swiss machining services are applicable in several sectors of the economy. The machine can be used in the following industries;

  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Musical instruments
  • Medical
  • Aerospace


You will find that there are many CNC Swiss turning shops in the market. When looking for CNC Swiss turning services, look for a company that employs skilled experts and uses modern technology. In addition, it is vital to make sure that the company has the latest technology. Some parts are such as hip replacement parts in the medical field, are very sensitive. Therefore, it is essential to research the chosen company before making any commitment.


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