The pros and cons of automatic recirculation valve


Technology has managed to amaze us so many times so far that it’s absolutely not a novelty that even a smart hot water recirculating pump is becoming more and more a thing in many homes around the world. If you want to get automatic recirculation control valve, you should inform yourself on a variety of different valves available as well as what exactly they will do for you.

1.    Why is the purpose of an automatic recirculation valve?

Most people are wondering about the purpose and use of the automatic recirculation valve and why it is a necessity nowadays. You should know that it has four functions such as controlling the flow, bypassing control, checking value and bypassing pressure letdown.

By using an automatic recirculation valve or the so-called ARC pump, you are actually controlling the pressure and improving the work of your pump by saving energy at the same time since it gives you instant hot water.

2.    What are some advantages of an automatic recirculation valve?

automatic recirculation valve

Apart from the obvious of getting hot water instantly without any wasting of energy and water in general, there are several other advantages of these valves. They can be easily found online from reliable manufacturers that offer experts who are going to install them for you.

Of course, you can turn to do-it-yourself websites, but that is really not advisable because you need to know how to protect yourself and how to control the pressure in the pipers in order to perform the installation safely. 

Another positive thing is that they are very small which means that they can easily fit under the sink. There is even a wifi hot water recirculating pump which means you can control it even when you are not at home.

3.    What are some disadvantages of an automatic recirculation valve?

When it comes to disadvantages, it is important to mention that some models of an automatic recirculation valve make the cold water lukewarm. What’s even more annoying for a lot of users is that fact that it requires a power source to be close to it and that it generally provides a low output in cold climates.

Every automatic recirculation valve has a timer that will turn on when it’s set to turn on. If you forget to do so, you won’t have any hot water. Be aware of this because it’s really not convenient when it’s cold outside.

4.    How to install an automatic recirculation valve safely?

automatic recirculation valve

You can find a lot of hot water recirculating pump reviews online as well as under sink hot water recirculating pump inquiries. However, even though you can find an entire array of tutorials on how to install an automatic recirculation valve, we would still advise you to call an expert to do it for you. Even though the installation process is very simple as you have to obtain the pump minimum flow protection, there are a lot of things that could go wrong and you should put your health first. One thing is certain – an automatic recirculation valve will improve your home and the quality of living.


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