What Is Dabbing And Why You Should Try It


Dabbing has over time gained popularity as the easiest way to consume cannabis without the lethargy feeling. The whole process involves heating a small amount of cannabis extract on a hot surface and breathing in the released vapor. However, to effectively dab some form of specialized equipment that can be found at Puffing Bird headshop is needed. As it’s lauded as the easiest way to medicate on medical marijuana, below are some of the benefits of dabbing.

  • Dabbing Produces Less Smoke

Unlike good old fashioned smoking of plant matter that released a ferocious cloud smoke, one of the benefits of dabbing is that it reduces smoke production. Ideally, dabbing involves the vaporization of concentrate matter. The vapor created is milder and less dense than ordinary plant matter; hence you can load and use it discreetly without a billowing cloud alerting everyone.

  • Get More Potency Dabbing Than In Smoking

Whether you decide to use a dab pen or a nail during the dabbing process, it is a fact that you will receive more potency with one hit. As the dab is an extract of compounds from plant material, the final product is a concentrate that has more power. The concentrate translates to you being able to get a more significant hit from a small amount. As a result, this extraction technique has made it possible for you to receive a high that is powerful than when you smoke flower plant material alone.

  • Dabbing Eliminated Unnecessary Mess

The beauty of technological advancement in dabbing is that you no longer have to deal with loads of messes to get a fix. With dabbing you have the option of using a
dab rig , blowtorch, E-nail, and dab nail to get the desired results from a concentrate. As you do not have any plant matter, you do not need a grinder, and hence waste is not generated.

  • Dabbing gives you More Flavor

As you master various ways on how to use a dab rig, you will realize that using the concentrate is very different from smoking cannabis. As the extract is pulled from the plant material, you are left with a high concentration of terpenes. Fortunately, the terpenes have this unique smell and taste that is less pungent when compared to unrefined components. As most of this is dependent on the initial flower bud, you need to purchase the concentrate from a good supplier. In all, realize that every time you medicate you are treated to a deep and clear flavor.

  • Dabbing Gives You A Clearer High

The whole idea of smoking joints, pipes and blunts is a painfully slow means of getting a buzz. Usually, you needed to smoke many blunts to get the desired effect. When dealing with concentrates, this aspect is immediate, and you get to receive instant gratification. The primary cause of this is that you are dealing with high concentrations of cannabinoids. For this reason, you do not have to wait up the foggy and slow experience of dealing with the whole plant material.

  •  Dabbing Enhances Quicker Logistics

When you invest in various dabbing materials like a dab rig, you get to simplify the work input required in getting high. Ideally, the use of E-nails for dabbing allows you to get a fix in a matter of seconds. Unlike past encounters where you had to set up a whole mini lab to ensure safety, getting medication using dabbing is more comfortable, faster and more convenient.  

  •  Dabbing Is More Cost Effective

When comparing the cost of concentrate from the flower, usually the concentrate initially costs more. However, one of the most effecting dab tips you can receive is to ignore discouragement because of that initial cost and go ahead and purchase the concentrates. To get the same effect, you have to buy more grams of the flower when compared to the concentrate. Most times you end up spending more on the flower. Additionally, as the concentrate assures of potency, purchasing a gram of concentrate lasts you longer than a gram of flower.

  • Dabbing Has A Less Pungent Smell

Veteran consumers of cannabis using the smoking method have to sit in a cloud of their smoke to get that needed high. Most times smoking of a joint meant that you had to content with reeking for hours, some times a day afterward. However, you no longer have to worry about this when using concentrates. As small amounts are used, the smoke produced isn’t large enough to stick onto your skin.  As it’s a refined extract, it has a cleaner smoke hence less pungent,

  • Dabbing Is Cheaper And Easier To Do Now Than Ever Before

Dabbing requires investment in specialized equipment to ensure that you get the full benefits of the concentrate. Unfortunately, the initial cost isn’t something that you could scoff at especially some time back. The good news is that with improved technology, the value of the investment has dramatically gone down. This makes it easy for you to purchase various components like a dab pen, E-nail or pen to properly combust the material.

  • Dabbing Is Less Intimidating

Before the whole aspect of dabbing was refined, the entire process looked intimidating, especially to none consumers. Things like a full blow torch usually made people uncomfortable, and hence it wasn’t portable. However, dabbing equipment has made it possible for you to receive the proper dosage of medical marijuana without having to waste time. What’s more, as the concentrate can now be received on the go, you can now discreetly carry it with you, get your needed dosage and go ahead with life.


Overall, the best way to dab is to follow the guidelines on the various dabbing equipment found at Puffing Bird head shop. However, as it’s a clean way of receiving treatment, you can carry it on the go in a mini supplies bag. In all, as you get more potency with concentrates that saves you money and time, you cannot afford not purchasing dabbing equipment.


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