Common Problems to Face as a Beginner When Using Fiber Laser Engraver

fiber laser engraver
fiber laser engraver

Color engraving is lauded as one of the most innovative methods of surface inscription of our time. Ideally, the use of a Heat Sign fiber laser engraver makes it possible to attain surface engraving at maximum accuracy. For this reason, steel, jewelry, and the advertising industry are benefiting from this method. However, as a beginner, there are rough situations that you might run into that when operating a fiber laser engraver. Below are some of them and the solutions.

  • Producing Poor Quality Letter Using The Fiber Laser Engraver  

Sometimes the engraving results that you create might be ragged, with jagged ends instead of being round, smooth and neat. When this happens especially when using a 30w fiber laser engraver then you must consider that your setting is wrong. Most likely culprit in this case scenario is having selected a speed that is a bit too fast especially for the kind of material you are engraving. So slow it down.

  • The Spindle Motor Of The Fiber Laser Engraver  Moving Backwards

One of the highlights of why you should not allow untrained personnel to fix your fiber laser engraver is because it can lead to bizarre changes. If your marking results seem off and overlapping in the opposite directions, slow down and note the direction of the revolution. Whether it’s a desktop or handheld metal engraving machine the spindle should move in a clockwise direction, if it’s not, then don’t try and fix it or call a professional.

fiber laser engraver
  • Have A Shadowing Effect When Using The Fiber Laser Engraver  Problem

You might get shadowing in terms of scorching and burning as an after effect of engraving. Unfortunately, though it’s common after effect, it’s often unsightly and has an unprofessional aura. To deal with this, ensure you use a protective film when operating various laser machinery like the portable laser engraving machine piece. If the kind of material used is the problem and is more susceptible to burns, then consider using a different material to showcase your brand.

  • The Fiber Laser Engraver  Providing Voids

The latest handheld laser engraver eliminates issues that have to deal with marking some areas while skipping others. However, sometimes the material might be the challenging aspect and result in voids while burnishing. As dealing with materials such as aluminum might be problematic, the solution is choosing to engrave the piece one more time. As they are hard surfaces to mark, engraving twice usually produces the desired results.

  • Using Improper Font When Using The Fiber Laser Engraver  

If you are still experincing an issue having clean and neat results when using a 30w fiber laser engraver, then it might be time to look at the engraving fonts. If you are to magnify the fonts and shapes to high degrees, you will be able to identify the specific vectors that are problematic. Take advantage of this knowledge and avoid fonts that look ragged. Also, ask for recommendations from the manufacturers as they will gladly let you know the fonts and shapes they used when running tests.

fiber laser engraver
  • The Fiber Laser Engraver Has A Slanted Plate

Dealing with slanted plates leads to engraving in a crooked manner. Avoid these situations by counterchecking your materials for square. Also, the issue might be your scale bar. Take time and note if your set up allows the product to be flush and secure against the slot table. Overall, even when using a portable fiber laser marking machine, make it a habit to conduct a test piece especially after a change in setting to allow for inspection, detection and correction.

  • The Fiber Laser Engraver   Produces Ragged Cuts

Some time back, the shortcoming of using a portable laser engraving machine for metal was that it produced rough cuts. With newer technology, this shortcoming has been dramatically reduced most notably due to the ability to change the focal length. However, if this is still an issue then consider the fact that you might have a loose cuter. If the direction of the beam is crooked overtime, conduct a preventative inspection and note what the issue is. At the very least, stop operation and get it fixed to avoid damage to product or causing injury to yourself.

  • The Fiber Laser Engraver Produces Shallow Engraving

Sometimes when working on material like fiber or glass might bring forth a shallow engraving that can essentially be buffed off. To avoid this, ensure that your scale is running below the scale bar. This step is vital, especially when using a thin material as a plate.

fiber laser engraver
  • Uneven Engraving By The Fiber Laser Engraver Even When Using A Nosecone

When using a laser engraving machine, zeroing in on your engraving material should be the focus as skipping this step leads to uneven engraving. Other factors that might contribute include engraving too fast or using the wrong kind of material. Though theoretically any material can be used, in practice engraving some materials are problematic. Learn tips and tricks of working with them like engraving twice. If this does not work, consider avoiding such materials altogether.

  • Uneven Graving By A Fiber Laser Engraver While Not Using A Nosecone

If you are still producing uneven engraving, then the reason might be you are not using a nosecone. This feature has been incorporated in the design to allow securing of the materials. Ideally, even though not using it gives you more control over the depth feature, automatized features now will enable you to do this in a press of a button. So make use of it to avoid producing unsightly engravings.


The main reason for investing in a fiber laser engraver is to ensure you produce high-quality inscription and color marking. However, as creating high quality all depends on elements that you can control, ensure you get the best materials, have the proper setup and give the best in terms of artistry. What’s more, when choosing a Heat Sign fiber laser engraver ensures you select the one that suits your needs to make it easier for you to produce quality work.


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