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Games are one of the most relaxing and fulfilling activities in the world today. Everyone can therefore do anything to have their leisure time wonderful. In that case, there have come crowdfunding campaign that people contributes to a come up with a game board project. The backers will contribute online. Maybe you are the initiator of this campaign and you need to have these Game boards get back to your backers and customers? Before you manufacture your need to link with a storage and logistics company such as SFC China e-commerce Fulfilment advises you on the dimensions, storage fees and shipping costs.

What will SFC do for you?

1. Informative Manufacture advice.

SFC will offer fulfilment services that will help you with the most appropriate game board. Considerations such as the physical properties of the game board, the look and feel. These will determine the dimensions of the game box, the number of folds of the game board and the material selection too. SFC fulfilment service will give you the most reliable and affordable devices.

2.  The SFC locality

If your products are manufactured in china you have the best fulfilment company SFC. This is because the SFC company is found in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is located near many game manufacturing companies such as panda game manufacturing. This will be very easy for your specification monitoring by SFC and logistic services to the SFC warehouse.

3. Why choose SFC fulfilment services.

SFC has long term experience over years. SFC manufacturers have fulfilled several game board projects. Both one-off publishers and serial game publishers. SFC have experience about the needs, expectations and what makes an interesting and fulfilling game board. You want your products to amaze your clients and backers, choose SFC as your fulfilment company.

4. Enthusiastic customer support

You will never find a highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated support team like SFC. They will always give you the best advice and handle your queries effectively. SFC customer service team has long term experience and will handle you with professionalism. This has made SFC standout to this far.

5. Professional packaging.

SFC provides the best parking services ever. They have specialized parking designs for game boards. They use sturdy corner protectors to guard the box shape and give it mint condition. This will ensure products reaches the backers in the right form. SFC special packing features have made it recommended by most clients.

6. SFC highly reliable services.

The management system is error-free. This will assure you that your game board is of the right quantity and quality.

7. SFC offers 24hrs/7 delivery service

To its customers across the world. This makes it the most fulfilment and shipping company in China and worldwide. It also partners with international high-quality shipment companies and courier services. All this is to ensure that you receive your product without any inconveniences.

8. Full-time tracking.

SFC company will enable you and your backers be able to track the movement of the game board along the shipment process. This will save you time and worry.


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