The real 5 truth why ceramic PCBs are so popular


Over the years, the use of ceramic circurt boards has advanced, and now it’s easier for an electrical device to offer connectivity of different aspects by acting as a brain. As the most crucial component of the electrical industry, ceramics pcb manufacturing can be seen everywhere, from use in radio, TV, digital cameras, cell phones, and almost any electronic device. However, even as the world chooses to embrace ceramic printed circuit boards, you might be wondering about the advantages of the ceramic PCB over other types of PCBs.

High thermal expansion

One reason why ceramic circurt boards have become so popular is due to the high thermal coefficient expansion it offers. The ceramic base thermal conductivity happens to be very close to silicon, while at the same time happens to be way below most used connection metals. This aspect allows it to act as great isolators over extended periods. Its high thermal conductivity hence provides for optimum performance even through elevated temperatures making it suitable for use in many devices.  


The use of ceramic allows for a stable dielectric property. The balance translates to a limited radio frequency loss that adds to the usefulness of an electric device. Also, apart from offering outward toughness, ceramics are naturally resistant to most chemicals used due to the ceramic substrate. Its resistance to chemicals hence translates to resistance to everyday moisture, consumables, and solvents.


With such a high melting point, it’s not surprising that the incorporation of metal core PCB allows for a variety of uses. The noble metal paste makes for highly reliable conductors due to sintering technology. As different devices have different operating temperatures, the use of the ceramic substrate allows for high processing temperatures. Interestingly this aspect also allows for good thermal conductivity and distribution of heat to the various position of a device.


The ceramic PCB manufacturing processes offer you durability. The basic properties of ceramics, especially its toughness assures you of durability from everyday wear and tear. With the consistency of substance, these ceramic circurt boards have a very slow aging property hence can be used without worry of replacement soon. What’s more is, it has offered thermal resistance as it has a higher ideal melting point which translates to a slowed decomposition process that allows for an increased useful life period.  


Finally, one of the significant ceramic PCB advantages is that it allows the use of metal cores in its engineering process. This aspect translates to it being used as rigid carriers hence offering mechanical stiffness. This aspect translates to ease of use in both fluids and solids enabling use in different industrial position as its hardness and wear resistance works brilliantly well.


Overall, the investment of a ceramic PCBsaves you money as it allows for long time use without having a constant breakdown. Unlike other types of printed circuit boards, the quality of the ceramic PCB allows a fantastic engineering base offering stable connectivity that can be used for years.


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