Factors to Consider When Purchasing A Press Brake In 2019

Press Brakes

When fabricating metals, accuracy in measurements can be the difference between a returning client and unsuccessfully scouring marketplaces for a new client. Even the smallest deviation in measurements can significantly impact the bending angles. Therefore, always go for the best press brake type in the market. Coming in both automatic and manual options, these machines have revolutionized metal fabrications with their high accuracy and performance capabilities. Here the tips for shopping for a press brake in 2019.

  • Automatic Or Manual?

The answer to the question of whether to purchase an automatic or manual press brake seems easy. It is not uncommon for someone to easily go for automatic press brake. After all, they are faster, more accurate, and less laborious compared to manual machines.

However, it all boils down to your budget and fabrication needs. The overhead cost for a new automatic press brake machine can quickly put a small metal fabricator out of business. Therefore, a manual machine becomes a viable option. Large metal fabricators with industrial-grade operations should, however, opt for automatic press brakes.

  • Budget

Before purchasing a press brake, draw up a reasonable and flexible budget. Source for quotes and referrals and come up with estimates. Let your cost estimate act as your guide when you shop around. A budget should be reflective of the overall organizational needs. It should cover any other expenses, including the cost of installation, transport, and training or hiring of personnel.

 An expensive machine with huge potential but no personnel to operate is money gone down the drain. The last thing you need is a costly machine that will run you into debts even before setting it up.

  • Energy Consumption Rate
press brake machine

Press brakes are energy extensive. However, with technologies changing every day, there are newer machines that are relatively energy efficient. Having a device that will significantly increase your energy consumption will increase your overall expenses. Ask your supplier beforehand the energy consumption rate of the press brake you intend to purchase. Having such information before making a purchase can help in avoiding surprises at the end of the month when the utility bills come in.

  • What Are Your Needs?

It’s essential to assess the metal sheet fabrication needs of your company. Thereafter, you can align these needs with the strategic objectives and mission of your company. Care to make future projections of performance with and without the machine you intend to purchase.

Consider operational output and financial implications. Consult with professionals within your organization and, if necessary, seek an outsider’s opinion. Settle on a machine that will ensure the efficiency of operations and growth.

Press Brakes


Press brakes are transformative machines that can radically reroute a company’s operational trajectory. However, they are also costly. They require significant financial outlay to purchase, install, and run. Therefore, before purchasing a press brake, consult widely, and understand your needs. As highlighted in this article, here are the top tips to look at when purchasing a press brake in 2019.


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