Reasons Why You Should Use MTP/MPO Cables

MTP/MPO Cables

With the rapid growth of transmitting quantity data, it is essential to invest in network cables that support high bandwidth and are reliable. In that case, consider upgrading your networking system by installing the new, MPO cables, cassettes, and patch panel. is a company that design and manufacture MTP/MPO cables to conveniently meet your requirement.

Advantages of modern, reliable cables

  • MTP/MPO trunk cable

MPO truck cable can have 12, 24, 36, 48 fibers in one jacket. It’s applicable in an area that requires a high density of fiber but has limited space.

The first advantage of this cable is the high-end quality of the material used to design it. Every cable is tested before packaging, and the test reports are packed along the trunk cable for documentation.

Secondly, the cable has a low volume, which makes it occupy a limited area. For example, one cable can hold 72 fibers, which means you’ll have a high transfer of data through a small cable. The small size of the cable also ensures the server room remains neat.

Another advantage if this cable is the short installation time it takes. If you buy an incorporated cable, you’ll just plug it into the server. MPO cable is easy to install, configure, and it allows room for future expansion. Moreover, with this cable, you won’t incur network maintenance cost or deployment cost.

MTP/MPO Cables
  • MTP/MPO cassettes

MPO cassette patch panel is a device designed to provide secure transmission of data. They interconnect the MTP/MPO with SC or LC patching. The advantage of this cassette is the improvement it makes when it comes to troubleshooting and reconfiguration.

 Using an MPO cassette provides room for adaptability primarily because data center network continuously change. So, if you’ll be required to upgrade the network system, you’ll leave the backbone intact and swap the cassette. It is important to note that unlike another cabling where you shouldn’t connect female to female or male to male, you can join one cassette to the other using female to female connector.

  • MPO/MTP harness cable

It is also known as Fan-Out cable. The iconic feature about MTP harness cable is the presence of MTP connector on one side but breaks into multiple cables on the other end. It’s ideal for high-density application. It’s a reliable cable because it is designed with quality material. Also, it’s a space-efficient cable made with high-quality material.

  • Application of MTP/MPO cables

MPO/MTP cables can be used as a backbone when setting a new wiring hub, warehouses, and as optical interconnects between servers. The speed provided by the MTP/MPO cables is incredible, and it is the reasons why it’s growing in popularity. The cable can have multiple fibers and thus carry large files over a short period.

MTP/MPO Cables

Bottom Line

MTP and MPO are compatible. This means you can use MPO cable with MTP adapter. So, if you have an MTP system that needs remodeling, consider buying MPO cables and use the existing MTP adapter.


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